Huawei Certified Network Professional - Huawei USC Technologies and Device Training

Training Path

Target Audience

Senior Technical Support Engineer


  • Successful completion of the program SingleSDB(G/U HLR9820)Engineering Training
  • Or at least one year experience of HLR9820 operation


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the internal networking and IP planning of HLR9820
  • Describe Redundancy Principle and Key parameters of configuration
  • Describe DS Principle Data synchronization, consistency and Replication Principle
  • Describe Baseline establishment, increment data synchronization, recovery operation
  • Perform LMT MML Operation and HLR9820 routine maintenance
  • Perform Security Management, Alarm Operations, Message Tracing and Performance Operations
  • Perform Database backup and restoration
  • HLRV9 Equipment fault information collection and processing
  • Procedures and methods of fault location and troubleshooting: Use the system maintenance tools
  • Perform system management, cluster management, disk management and Database management


4 working days

Class Size

Min 5,max 15