Huawei Certified Network Professional - Building Carrier MSTP Transmission Network (HCNP-HTMN(MSTP)) Certification Exam

Huawei Certified Network Professional - Building Carrier OTN Transmission Network (HCDP-HTON(OTN)) Certification Exam


No prerequisites.

Exam Content Overview

The HCNP HTMN(MSTP) exam covers OptiX SDH equipment commissioning, complex networking of OptiX SDH equipment, board replacement of OptiX SDH equipment, discrete service analysis and handling, tests for common Ethernet service indicators, clock protection of OptiX OSN equipment, SDH equipment interconnection, ECC maintenance, pointer justification, routine maintenance of OptiX SDH equipment, troubleshooting OptiX SDH equipment, ASON overview.

Exam results valid period

This exam result is valid for 3 years.

Re-certification Methods

Before your certification expires, you should re-certify with the following methods:

Certificate Re-certification Methods
Huawei Certified Network Professional - Transmission Network To re-certify, pass ONE of the following before the certification expiration date:
  • Pass any exam of HCNP-BCAN, HCNP-BCRN, HCNP-BITN exams
  • Achieve Huawei Certified Datacom Expert - Carrier certificate.

Key Points of Exam

OptiX SDH Equipment Commissioning
  • Preparations for Equipment Commissioning
  • Per-NE Commissioning
  • System Commissioning
Complex Networking of OptiX SDH Equipment
  • Tangent Rings
  • Intersecting Rings
  • Shared-Fiber Virtual Path Protection
  • Dual-Plane Optical Transmission Network
Board Replacement of OptiX NG SDH Equipment
  • Board Replacement Overview
  • Replacing Faulty Boards
  • Board Version Replacement
  • Board Capacity Expansion
Discrete Service Analysis and Handling
  • Concepts of Discrete Services and Paths
  • Causes of Discrete Services and Handling Methods
Tests for Common Ethernet Service Indicators
  • Tests for Common Ethernet Services Indicators
  • Common Methods for Testing Ethernet Service Indicators
Clock Protection of OptiX OSN Equipment
  • Concepts of Clock Protection
  • Configuration Principles for Clock Subnetworks
  • Protection by Using the Standard SSM Protocol
  • Protection by Using the Extended SSM Protocol
SDH Equipment Interconnection
  • SDH Port Connection
  • PDH Port Connection
ECC Maintenance
  • ECC Communication Overview
  • ECC Networking and Network Division
  • ECC Extension Applications and Configurations
Pointer Justification
  • Working Principles for Pointer Justification
  • Handling Pointer Justification Events
Routine Maintenance of OptiX SDH Equipment
  • Routine Maintenance on Equipment
  • Routine Maintenance on the NMS
Troubleshooting OptiX SDH Equipment
  • Preparations for Locating Faults on OptiX SDH Equipment
  • Methods for Locating Faults on OptiX SDH Equipment
  • Analyzing Fault Cases of OptiX SDH Equipment
ASON Overview
  • ASON Background
  • ASON Architecture
  • ASON Features
  • ASON Service Provisioning
  • ASON Functions