Huawei Certified Network Professional - LTE Certification Training

Training Path

Target Audience

This training program is intended for those who are to take the HCNP-LTE certification exam and those who hope to learn about detailed LTE principles and Huawei LTE equipment.


  • Be familiar with basic LTE principles


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand structure of LTE /EPC
  • Understand detailed principle of LTE air interface
  • Understand functions of different layers in LTE air interface
  • Understand functions and procedures of X1/S2 interface
  • Understand typical procedures in LTE such as handovers
  • Perform Operations for HUAWEI LTE eNodeB such as managing eNodeB alarms, tracing signaling, manage eNodeB software, managing real-time monitoring and etc
  • Perform initial configuration and reconfiguration of HUAWEI LTE eNodeB
  • Perform eNodeB troubleshooting


10 working days

Class Size

16 persons