Huawei Certified Network Professional - CDMA RNP&RNO Certification Exam


No prerequisites.

Exam Content Overview

The HCNP CDMA RNP&RNO exam covers: CDMA communication theory, CDMA network planning and optimizationprocess, CDMA network planning optimization knowledges.

Exam results valid period

This exam result is valid for 3 years.

Re-certification Methods

Before your certification expires, you should re-certify with the following methods:

Certificate Re-certification Methods
Huawei Certified Network Professional - CDMA RNP&RNO To re-certify, pass ONE of the following before the certification expiration date:
  • Pass any subject of the same level of certification in the field of the local technology
  • Pass any subject of the high-level certification in the field of the local technology

Key Points of Exam

  • Familiar with CDMA communication theory.
  • Master wireless network planning and optimazition process
Planning knowledges
  • Master the elements which impact on coverage and capacity. Familiar with the basic principle of power configuration.
  • Master the Network structure of multi-trxs , familiar with the theories of PN, LAC and Neighbour design.
  • Master the way of CW testing and related data processing.
  • Master the corrective procedure of transmission model.
  • Master the related parameters and adjusting regulations of Network Design
Optimization knowledges
  • Master the RF optimazition & procedure, methods and tools, capable of processing GSM radio network RF optimazition.
  • Master the definition of traffic statistics and counter point in the wireless side of CDMA Network.
  • Master CDMA common KPI analysis and network problem solution, such as drop call, handover, voice quality and data traffic .
  • Familiar with operating on HUA WEI CDMA BSC’s flatform;
  • Capable of independently completing network optimazition reports and generating problem analysis reports