Huawei Certified Network Associate - Huawei USC Technologies and Device Training

Training Path

Target Audience

SingelSDB GUHLR9820 project installation and configuration Engineers


  • A basic knowledge of mobile communication Objectives


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of Huawei SingleSDB system
  • Describe the Networking and Interfaces of Huawei SingleSDB
  • Describe the hardware, logical structure of Huawei SingleSDB
  • Describe the typical configurations of SingleSDB products
  • List key advantages of Huawei SingleSDB products
  • Describe HLR9820 hardware structure
  • Describe all kinds of Buses in ATCA Platform
  • Describe HLR9820 boards function
  • Describe connections and cables
  • Describe processes of System installation
  • Describe how Huawei SingleSDB system connected internal and external
  • Perform Huawei HLR9820 system installation
  • Perform Huawei HLR9820 system debugging
  • Describe data configuration principles and steps
  • Describe GSM/UMTS network numbering scheme
  • Describe HLR9820 system hardware& software configuration procedure and reliable specifications
  • Describe HLR9820 basic concept: Site, NE, Cluster, Node and module
  • Perform Hardware Data Configuration
  • Perform Local Office Data Configuration
  • Perform Signaling Data Configuration
  • Describe UMTS Common Service Feature
  • Perform operation of templates to manage subscribers’ profiles
  • Perform operation to manage subscribers’ profiles
  • Describe the HLR9820 subscriber management method and procedure
  • Perform operation to modify services according to the requests from subscribers
  • Perform Subscriber data management
  • Perform Operator Management
  • Perform Network maintenance
  • Perform operation to Check subscribers’ profiles based on different fault phenomena


10 working days

Class Size

Min 5,max 15