Huawei Certified Network Associate - USC Certification Exam


No prerequisites.

Exam Content Overview

The SingleSDB primary examination covers the basic knowledge of the HLR in the CN, including CN basic principles, HLR basic principles, and the networking architecture, solutions, and basic principles of the SingleSDB.

Exam results valid period

This exam result is valid for 3 years.

Re-certification Methods

Before your certification expires, you should re-certify with the following methods:

Certificate Re-certification Methods
Huawei Certified Network Associate - USC To re-certify, pass ONE of the following before the certification expiration date:
  • Pass any subject of the same level of certification in the field of the local technology
  • Pass any subject of the high-level certification in the field of the local technology

Key Points of Exam

Systematic Principles
  • General SingleSDB solutions
  • Networking of the SingleSDB, multiple-NE deployment, and features
  • Position of the HLR9820 in the network
  • Interfaces, functions, and protocol stack supported by the HLR9820
  • Software functions of the HLR9820: FE system function structure, function structure of signaling processing subsystem; subscriber data management subsystem, data service subsystem, data storage subsystem
Produce knowledge
  • Buses and functions of the ATCA platform
  • Hardware logical structure, cabinet, components, board classification, board function, meaning of major indicators, board deployment rules, LAN switch deployment rules of the HLR9820
  • Logical board functions, hardware configuration rules, and typical board configuration rules of the HLR9820
  • Security performance, features, flow control, and multi-level backup mechanism of the HLR9820
  • Inter-subrack cascading, hardware installation, and internal cable connection of the HLR9820
Installation Procedure, Flow, and Operation
  • Conditions, general flow, and notes of hardware installation, and hardware acceptance standards
  • Procedure and principles of software installation
  • Connection modes and interfaces used for the SingleSDB to interwork with the maintenance network, provisioning system, and other devices
  • Rules for installing and deploying software of the HLR9820 and software installation of the HLR9820
  • Software installation and system commissioning of the HLR9820
Data Configuration and Commissioning
  • Rules for deploying processes on boards
  • Commonly used numbering scheme in the GSM/UMTS network
  • Hardware configuration and reliability features of the HLR9820
  • Software structure and reliability features of the HLR9820
  • Basic concepts of the HLR9820 software system: site, NE, cluster, node, module
  • Main service flows and implementation principles such as location update, authentication, and voice calls
  • Data configuration of the USCDB
  • Data configuration of the GU HLR9820
  • Global data configuration
  • Rules and methods for signaling data configuration
Subscriber Data Management Function Provided by the HLR9820
  • Features and measurement of the HLR9820
  • Service processing flow, software architecture, MAP service flow processing path, and service flow processing path of the provisioning system
  • Commonly used service and service management methods of the HLR9820
  • Subscription data management provided by the HLR9820
  • Batch operations provided by the HLR9820