Huawei Certified Network Associate - SG Certification Exam


No prerequisites.

Exam Content Overview

The NGN Primary Engineer Certification exam covers SS7 signaling system, signaling network, SIGTRAN protocol, data configuration, operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Exam results valid period

This exam result is valid for 3 years.

Re-certification Methods

Before your certification expires, you should re-certify with the following methods:

Certificate Re-certification Methods
Huawei Certified Network Associate - SG To re-certify, pass ONE of the following before the certification expiration date:
  • Pass any subject of the same level of certification in the field of the local technology
  • Pass any subject of the high-level certification in the field of the local technology

Key Points of Exam

SG7000 Protocol
  • The basic concepts, architecture, MTP functions of SS7 Signaling System and signaling network.
  • The basic function of SCCP.
  • The format of SCCP message and the meaning of the message which are often used.
  • The basic concept of SIGTRAN, the structure and signaling procedures of M2PA/M3UA.
SG7000 Product Introduction
  • The SG7000 system structure and hardware architecture, including the cabinet, frame, board and the performance features of SG7000.
  • The SG7000 logical architecture and signaling flow.
  • The hardware data, narrowband link data and broadband link data.
  • The common operation of maintenance such as message tracing, log management, alarm management and link management.
  • The SG7000 client software installation.
  • The SCCP and M2PA data configuration of SG7000