Huawei Certified Network Associate - Huawei Optical Network Technologies and Device Training

Training Path

Target Audience

This training program is intended for those who want to take the HCNA certification exam and those who hope to learn about basic optical network principles.


  • Be familiar with windows operation system
  • Know well about computer network
  • Understand basic data communication theory
  • Understand basic fiber communication theory


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand SDH/WDM/data communication theory
  • Be familiar with hardware construction, features, board types, functions and interfaces
  • Know how to install/commission/configure optical equipment hardware
  • Understand DC tool, board-level loading and simulation package loading of software
  • Be familiar with MSTP/HMSTP/WDM acceptance test


15 working days

Class Size

16 persons