Huawei Certified Network Associate - LTE (HCNA-LTE) Training

Training Path

Target Audience

This training program is intended for those who are to take the HCNA-LTE certification exam and those who hope to learn about basic LTE/SAE principles and Huawei LTE equipment.


  • Be familiar with basic wireless communication principles


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Basic pinciple of LTE air interfaces
  • Huawei eNodeB product family and applications
  • Basic operation about Huawei eNodeB
  • Basic concepts of the EPC
  • LTE/EPC network architecture
  • Interfaces and protocols used in the EPC
  • EPC security mechanism
  • EPC QoS mechanism
  • Procedures of bearer establishment, update, and release
  • Concepts and procedures related to EPC mobility management
  • Concepts and procedures related to EPC session management


6 working days

Class Size

16 persons