Huawei Certified Network Associate - Huawei Cloud Technologies and Device (HCNA-HCTD) Training

Training Path

Target Audience

This training program is intended for those who are to take the HCNA certification exam


  • Be familiar IT foundation knowledge


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe Active Directory Service
  • Describe Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Describe Domain Name Service
  • Describe the Linux File System Structure
  • Performing Linux Directory Operations
  • Performing Linux File Operations
  • Administering User Account
  • Performing System Resources Management
  • Performing Basic Network Configuration
  • Describe the hierarchical structure of an IP network and the functions of each layer
  • Describe Cloud Computing Use Cases
  • Describe Cloud Computing Key Characteristics
  • Describe the Basic Concepts of Server Virtualization
  • Describe the Basic Concepts of Network Virtualization
  • Describe the Basic Concepts of Storage Virtualization
  • Describe the Basic Concepts of Cloud Storage
  • Identify the Storage Access Protocols
  • Describe the RAID Features
  • Describe Backup and High Availability for Storage
  • Describe the Position of Galax in SingleCLOUD
  • Describe the Components of Galax
  • Describe the Features of Galax
  • Describe the Server Architecture
  • Describe the Server PCBs
  • Describe the Server Switch PCB
  • Describe the Server Management PCB
  • Describe the Features of Server
  • Describe the Features of Storage Product
  • Describe the Storage Architecture
  • Describe the Storage Specification
  • Describe the Features of Switch Product
  • Describe the Switch Architecture
  • Describe the Switch Specification
  • Describe Galax8800 Operating System
  • Performing System Login
  • Performing System Management
  • Performing Server Management
  • Performing System Configuration
  • Performing Virtualization Operations
  • Viewing System Message
  • Viewing System Alert
  • Viewing System Log
  • Understand the Management Port Features
  • Performing Common Management Tasks
  • Understand OceanStor Management Port Features
  • Understand OceanStor Management Features
  • Performing Common OceanStor Management Tasks
  • Understand Switch Management Port Features
  • Understand Switch Management Features
  • Performing Common Switch Management Tasks
  • Describe VDesktop6000 networking
  • Describe VDesktop6000 structure and functions
  • Describe VDesktop6000 service flow
  • Perform VDesktop6000 count management
  • Perform VDesktop6000 asset management
  • Perform VDesktop6000 DDC management
  • Perform VDesktop6000 system backup
  • Perform VDesktop6000 performance management
  • Describe TCs Terminal Types
  • Describe TCs Characteristics
  • Understand TC Configuration and Management


9 workdays ( 2 days, optional + 7 days)

Class Size

12 persons