This Site is Closed

This platform has been offline, the new ilearning link is:


Huawei iLearning (汇思) 平台已经停用,更多学习内容请访问:



If you need to query the learning records of the platform, please feedback to Any other problems you can contact with learning organizer of your department or

If you need to apply for Huawei iLearning access for External Workforce,please kindly refer to HU Institute of Education Circular No. [2012] 009 Management Regulations on Access Rights to Huawei iLearning for Huawei Leased and External Workforce.


如需开通外包合作人员Huawei iLearning学习权限,请参见华为大学教育学院函(2012)12号文件《华为公司租赁与外包合作人员Huawei iLearning学习权限管理规定》

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